The basic examination is performed with a microscope (for the ears),
with rigid or flexible optics (for the nose and throat) and the palpation of the neck.
It can be completed with differents exams.

As ENT doctors, we are in charge of investigation and medical or surgical treatment
in adults and children in case of the following symptoms :
Table Competences_en


Complementary exams

Decrease of hearing Vocal and tonal audiogram
  Acoustic autoemissions
  Auditive evoked potentials
  Auditory expertise for hearing aids
Vertigo Vestibulary examination and videonystagmography
Nose and sinus Anterior and posterior rhinoscopy
  Olfactory test
Throat illness Pharyngoscopy
Voice and deglutition troubles Laryngoscopy
Salivary gland  
Cervical mass  
or obstruction sleep apnea syndrome Oxymetry


Surgical indications

Surgical treatement

Nose and sinus Endoscopic surgery:
  - septoplasty and turbinoplasty
  - ethmoïdectomy
  - meatotomy
Throat and neck tumors Panendoscopy
  Cysts neck surgery
  Adenectomy and neck dissection
Vocal cord lesions Microlaryngoscopy
Salivary gland tumors Sub-maxillectomy and parotidectomy
Head and neck skin tumors Tumorectomy and local flap
Lacrymal obstruction Dacryocystorhinostomy
Surgery in children: Adenoïdectomy
  Tonsillectomy and Tonsillotomy
  Tympanostomy tube